Welcome To Kovid Shop

Kovid Shop is the leading bulk distributor of Korean-made COVID-19 medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Shop with confidence as our products are FDA cleared (510k), FDA authorized (EUA), EPA N list approved, or NIOSH approved, and Kovid Shop is FDA registered. Our products are best-in-class, competitively priced and have short lead time.

We’re helping the world safely get back to work, school and our lives.

We specialize in providing products to underserved enterprise customers, such as schools, businesses, and hotels, as well as traditional customers such as governments, hospitals, laboratories, and medical groups. Whether it’s diagnostics or surveillance testing, back to school, back to work, travel and leisure, or a special event, we’ve got you covered.

The Difference – Buying Korean based products vs. elsewhere

For the last six years, Bloomberg Innovation Index has ranked South Korea as the most innovative economy on earth, which is based on ideation, development, and commercialization of any new technology. Put simply—Korea makes great, high-quality products. You may be familiar with exceptional consumer brands such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. Medical products and PPE from Korea are no different.

How it works

  • Visit the products page and select your items. A sales representative will contact you the same day with a quotation. Not sure what you need, or have questions? No problem—one of our product consultants will contact you and help with your selection.

  • Once accepted, issue a purchase order to Kovid Shop. No payment is needed at this point.

  • After your order has been confirmed with the factory and a confirmation receipt is issued, place your deposit with Kovid Shop.

  • We take care of all shipping, import, customs clearance, FDA release, import security filing, and last mile shipping. We provide turnkey, door-to-door logistics.

  • The balance payment is due at Bill of Lading; BOL will be provided with the final invoice.